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Tennessee Container Services reconditions steel and poly drums, along with cleaning and testing IBC totes.


     All of our drums go through a cleaning process inside and out. The drums are ran on our walking beam, which sprays water mixed with a cleaning solution into the drums numerous times. After this process, the drums are inspected inside and out and leak tested. Once cleaned, inspected, and leak tested the steel drums are checked to make sure they are free of rust then painted to the customer's specific needs.


     The IBC totes are cleaned inside and out and made sure they are free of any residual product from previous use. The totes are then leak tested and inspected. 


Tennessee Container Services would be glad to pick up your empty drums and totes.


     Depending on location and current scheduling most pickups and deliveries can be done within 7 days of Tennessee Container Services being notified. 


Call us today to schedule your pickup or place an order with us.


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